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general liability insurance

Everything You Need to Know About General Liability Insurance

Are you a small business or startup wondering if you need general liability insurance? You may ask, “Do we really need it? What can happen?” Yes, you do. The world of businesses is inherently risky. I Read more about Everything You Need to Know About General Liability Insurance[…]

surety bonds

What are Surety Bonds and How Do They Work?

If you run a small business, prepare to brush up on your government relations. Small business owners in the US are often required to obtain multiple licenses and permits from both federal and state ag Read more about What are Surety Bonds and How Do They Work?[…]

Business Insurance

Why Diamond Valley is the best option for your Insurance needs

We greatly appreciate all of our clients and we are always looking for ways to better help them. If we do not currently handle your insurance we would love a shot at it! Below are some benefits of hav Read more about Why Diamond Valley is the best option for your Insurance needs[…]

Workers Comp First Aid Claims

Reporting of Small Medical Only or First Aid Claims The Insurance Commissioner recently approved amendments to clarify the reporting requirements for small medical only or first aid claims. Effective Read more about Workers Comp First Aid Claims[…]

Homeowners Equipment Breakdown

The Equipment Breakdown endorsement supplements the Homeowner policy by providing coverage for the types of electrical losses from accidental causes that are not lightning or power surge related. Exam Read more about Homeowners Equipment Breakdown[…]